Hello my loyal reader's thank you for follow up me ! i love you Guy's so much !

Pink - Just Give Me A Reason Mp3

Guy's !

heyy this Amir , my good adviser . he's born on 1993 same with me . erm . he always gives some suggestions for the goodness of my relationship . and also , he's my special friend (:

Amir , you mmg kaunselor terhebad lah . as like as my Ex (: eumm . without you , i don't know how to make this problem is done ^_^ anyway , thx sudi jadi penasihat i . ouhh ya , paling i suka , u satu kepala ngn i . layan-2 , masuk air . ha-ha ! cool right ! euhh , if u takde lahh kan , i tak tahu lol mcm mne nak uat kputusan dgn ex-2 i . ehehh ! everything is okay if u always advise me (:

dipendekkan cerita , you memang kawan i yg memahami LOL !

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