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To candidate's PMR 2011

Hi and Assalamualaikum ..

My entries this night just wanna wish luck for adeq-adeq yang mahu mengambil Result PMR esk . Y'all don't be more scared . Just accept what y'all getting . Okay ? I believe y'all will PASS if y'all studyhard before taking a PMR Examination . Yaa , i know y'all should feel like your heart fall . But just relax Okay ? Chill . Y'all still have a one big exam is SPM . Don't give up , if y'all FAIL in this PMR . Y'all can trying the best for SPM , aite ?


Aku cakap memang senang , kesian budak2 tu takut . Ahuh ! Alalala . Chill kay ? Akak mia pun penah rasa . Cehh akak gituu #poyolah kau !

Okbye :)

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