Hello my loyal reader's thank you for follow up me ! i love you Guy's so much !

Pink - Just Give Me A Reason Mp3

Gonna miss you all :'(

Hello sayangssss semuaaa :)
You look happy today , me too . Yeaa , as what i told you . . Im so glad be your friends . Okay , now i want you know something about my life dude :)

Meeya is a women who is quite straight-sill . She was eighteen years old . But still behave like a kids . She didn't live far away from her family . She didn't independently and let alone to manage themselves . Her parents are often advised her good care of yourself when away from family . She just looked down and keep quite .

Six days she wanted to leave at Kuala Lumpur . Within six days , she was very reluctant to leave her family . But she must be strong right spirit to succeed in her life . This is also for the future . On June 27 , she was afraid of facing life without any helps from her parents . But eventually , her will become familiar and continued it's independence day as usual .

Thank you mom and dad , because you both give me a chance to find life a difficult and an easy . I love my parents and my family Muahhhhh :*

Whoahh my English was BROKEN :D

Okay , after June 27 , I never available on Blog , Facebook and Twitter also . No more chitchat . HOHO . I will miss you guy's ! If you'll see my facebook will online , it's not me , it's maybe my boyfriend . Byee .

Chiaw ^^

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