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problems make me realise :)

Hi, today meeya wanna share with you guy's bout my bad story that i never forget it .

Firstly, i should realise who am I , and dont punish peeps around me like i want . I'd this just want more attention from him . Sometimes i feel like stupid person when i doing something in anger . I'll try to be a good girlfriend and gave him a happiness . But when problem comes, i cant control myself to solve this matter with a softly way . Now, im alone without him by my side . This all my fault for scolding him . Perhaps, he had not put up with my behavior . It doesn't matter , i give you a bit space to be alone . Even i had to missing you last night . I dont know what else i want, hope u'll bear with my lack of . I admit , im not the best among the millions of women who are better than me . I wasn't perfect to be yours .

Actually, u need to know who I am before u take me to be ur girlfriend . I'm a jealousy, insisting harder, dont know to solve the problem with a good way . And i know i'm not the girl who you desire . I apologize for all the mistake that I've done at you :'(

I have one request to you, please dont leave me and dont stop to love me . I love you sayang , i love you more than myself . I miss you badly :'(

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