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Pink - Just Give Me A Reason Mp3

ooh impossible !

I remember years ago , Someone told me i should take caution , when it comes to Love .
I Did (:

You were strong & i was not , my illusion , my mistake . I was careless , I forget , I did .

And now when all is done , there's nothing to say , you've gone & so effortlessly . You've won , you can go ahead tell them .

Tell them all i know now , Shout it from the roof top . Write it on the sky Love , all we had is gone now . Tell them i was happy & my heart is broken . All my scars is open . Tell them what i hoped would be , Impossible !

Falling out of Love is Hard , Falling for betrayal is worst . Broken trust & Broken Hearts . I know . Thinking all you need is there , building faith on Love is worst . Empty promises will wear . I know .


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