Hello my loyal reader's thank you for follow up me ! i love you Guy's so much !

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Long time .

Hello , im back !

Too many story that i want to share here . Firstly, i just wanna say that i really miss my girlfriends so damn ! Azureen and Abby swear i miss both of u a lot ! When we can met up ?? Masing2 kinda busy right . Im gonna be take a place in final exam . Zureen plk dah nak start kerja (congrate) and abby busy with her Quiz (good luck abby) . I wish we can meet and going window shopping together ladies !

Today im back with a new story , a new life , and a new boyfriends lovers . Many more diaries i keep it since i semester 3 . Now i almost completed my sem 3 after we finished a final exam on this November 2012 :) Wish me luck buddies .

But ..

Many problem came to me . Huh~

Overall is about "love" . It make me pressure , Cause i had to cared all the feelings of the person around me . Short of story , finally i already found a true love . And i harap ini yang terakhir .

He touched me . With his ways , which is he shooo caring , loving , loyal in love , a responsibilities , more matured , understanding me , and not gedik much :) More important is he love me sincere from heart . Thank you lovers :)

Who that lucky guys ?

One day you all will know who is that guys :) Pray with us .

He's my spirit and my idola . He always want me study study and study 24 hours . He want me success in my life . I love you shoo much bie . Hope one day i will be your princess bie . He teached me how is diffucult our life without education . Once again, thank you so much awak ;*

Bye lovers XOXO

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