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Peace be upon everyone,

For long time ago i keep quite from writing something at my baby blog .

First thing first i would like to say sorry to you my boyfriend, cause i've make a big mistake to you last night . I just realize that i've wrong . I'm really sorry for that .

I admit that we can't separate for ever . And IT NEVER HAPPEN ! We always each other , am i right ? Huuhuu (:

I really love you sayang . Me always miss you and sometimes i smile for looks you in my dream but sometimes my tears will not stop from walking when i am really missing you . 

I wish one day you will accompany me to see a sunrise and sunset for everyday . You're only my PRINCE in my world and you're my HERO for my life story (:

I hope that i also will be your PRINCESS in your world and your HEROIN for your life story (:

here i want you know, whatever happens in our relation , please don't say that word "BREAKOFF" . Cause if you say for one more time , you can't look at back as well .

I know and i'm very understand you . You've many problem that you should solve it as well . i'm really understand you sayang , I'm promise i never leave you when you're really need me , except if i really can't . I just have my own reasons why i can't . And you should supposed to know me (:


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