Hello my loyal reader's thank you for follow up me ! i love you Guy's so much !

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Happy anniversary sayang ;)


I miss y'all a lot ! i'm look happy today . You know why ?

It because today is our anniversary for 4th month :) I really love him, i will love him till my last breath :) I will never leave him . I want make he proud with myself and my love .

Again, I do love you "SULAIMAN HOLIS" .

You is my everything . No one can be like you in my heart . You know that you're stealing my heart . HAHAHAHA . Actually, i'm still can't believe that you take me as your "she" :)

Gahhhhhh ! I don't know what i wanna say anymore . If you read my blogg, i just want you know that I REALLY LOVE YOU , sincerely my heart :)

Dear husband ,
We have been together for 4th month , "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SAYANG" , and thank you so much for that present and vacation at Desa Waterpark for our celebrated :) Muuuuuaaahh !

Hope our relay will be the last :)

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